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new logo


Recently, BEDSA had organized a LOGO DESIGNING COMPETITION among BEDSA members. The intention is to get a new-look logo for the new tenure. We received 8 participants, and the exco members have officially selected two that are most suitable to represent BEDSA as a whole to be voted by INSTEDians.

The process took 2 days long, and the winner, with majority of 86 votes, goes out to this logo:

The explanation of the logo are as follow:

If you look at the logo closely, you’ll find yourself looking at a tulip. Tulip, as we all know is the flower that is so unique. It is not too elegant, too romantic, too big, too small, or too bright; the tulip is always just right. It is trying to show that BEDSA as an association that is just right to suit the members in INSTED.

As for the colours:

  1. The blue colour signifies inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. It is the colour of truth and moderation.
  2. Yellow is the colour of creative and intellectual energy. It symbolizes wisdom, joy and happiness. People of high intellect favours yellow.
  3. White is not a colour, but the manifestation of the presence of all colour - the complete energy of light. It stands for wholeness and completion.

Hopefully, with the new logo, and the new line up, BEDSA will always keep on moving forward.

what say you, INSTEDians?

BEDSA line up for 2008/2009

salam all.

here is the poster for the new line up.

here goes the line up:

Br. Mohd Zikril Hakim Bin Mohd Kamil
3rd Year MORAL

Sr. Siti Fairuzniza bt Zainul Idris
3rd Year TESL

Sr. Raja Nur Ashraf bt Raja Arif
2nd Year GUIDE

Sr. Siti Hajar Akma bt Mohd Rawi
3rd Year TESL

Br. Lukman bin Mohd Uzir
2nd Year GUIDE

Sr. Nur Rasyidah bt Edris
3rd year TESL


Br. Rosli bin Mohamad
2nd Year TASL

Sr. Siti Sumaiyyah Al-Abidah bt Zainal Abidin
2nd Year TESL


Br. Nik Hafreez Affiq bin Mohd Ghazali
2nd Year TASL

Sr. Siti Rukaiyah bt Ahmad
2nd Year ISED


Sr. Nur Fatihah bt Said
2nd Year TASL

Sr. Norull Ain bt Che Imail
2nd Year TESL


Sr. Nadia bt Tukiman
2nd Year GUIDE

Sr. Sa'anusia bt Abdul Rahman
2nd Year TESL


Sr. Najwa bt Naim
2nd Year TESL

Sr. Nurulhuda bt Ahmad
2nd Year TESL


Br. Md Symedi bin Abdullah
2nd Year TASL

Sr. Nur Illiani bt Ramlee
2nd Year TESL

4th AGM

here goes the pictures of the 4th AGM for the tenure of 2007/2008...

the audience

the master of ceremony n the minute taker

the line up of previous exco of the tenure

the q n a session

now that we already have the new line up for the tenure of 2008/2009 (which would be announced later in this blog), we do hope that BEDSA will keep on going to be another alternative for the students of INSTED to be in touch with the administration, as well as to have a great bond with each of the BEDSA's members.

keep it up, guys!

as for the members of the previous tenure, thank you so much for all of your efforts and your time spent to ensure that BEDSA is moving towards its objectives and missions. we have nothing to offer all of you as the rewards, as only ALLAH knows how to repay all of you in return...thank you so much.. \(^_^)/


Programme : Teachers’ Grooming Workshop
Date/Day : 17th February 2008/ Sunday
Venue : Auditorium A, Kuliyyah of Engineering, IIUM
Time : 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

The Teachers’ Grooming Workshop is one of the programmes that had been carried out by Bureau of Education, Training and Career Services of BEDSA for the tenure 2007/2008. The nature of the programme is a one day workshop with the purpose to expose future teachers of INSTED towards enhancing their physical appearance as well as their etiquette and motivation. The objectives of this programme are to build and polish INSTEDian as future teachers with good ethics and personalities, to expose future teachers the required dining etiquettes in formal occasions and to develop ukhuwah between INSTEDians. The theme of this workshop is “I; The Teacher” and the participants who showed up during the programme were 100 people. All in all, this programme was a success and received positive feedbacks from the participants.

INSTED Ifthar Gathering

Programme : INSTED Ifthar Gathering
Date/Day : 2nd October 2007 (Tuesday)
Venue : Main Hall, CAC, IIUM
Time : 5.00 p.m- 9.30 p.m
Person-in-charge : Burhanuddin Ab.Latif
Description: Throughout this programme, BEDSA successfully ran this ceremony. The integration and ukhuwwah among INSTED students, lecturers, and staffs were developed in conjunction with the theme of the programme that is “Developing the Ukhuwwah among INSTEDIANS”.It is also in line with the mission of IIUM.This IFTHAR was also a good platform to give away prizes for National Day Project and tokens of appreciation for participant of Khatmul Quran.

Pre-Marriage Course 2008

Programme : PRE-MARRIAGE COURSE 2008 (in collaboration with JAIS)
Date/Day : 26th January 2008 – 27th January 2008 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time : 8.00 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.
9.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
Venue : Experimental Hall, IIUM
Person-in-charge : Burhanuddin Ab.Latif
Description: This programme ran smoothly and had achieved its objectives by providing INSTED students with foundation as future family leaders, enhancing their knowledge about parenting skills and educating them to understand their role in family according to Islamic perspective. Pre-Marriage Course is a good and beneficial programme and it should be continuously conducted and organised by BEDSA, INSTED in collaboration with Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS).

Tasik Kenyir Expedition '08

Tasik Kenyir Expedition ‘08
Date : 7 – 9 February 2008
Theme : Experiencing the Enormity of Mother Nature
Venue : Kenyir Sanctuary Resort, Pulau Poh, Tasik Kenyir.
Number of Participants ; 25

This programme was held with the aim to build foster a more cordial relationship among the students of Institute of Education and to enable them acquire knowledge and skills in outdoor activities through its planned activities. Congruent with the theme of this programme, it is also aimed at enabling the participants to witness the greatness of the creation of Allah SWT besides exploring the enormity of mother-nature in order to instil and inculcate the love for flora and fauna. This programme has become a good platform in inculcating positive values among participants besides strengthening the ukhuwwah among the BEDSA members.

a visit to Malacca

on 17th December, a group of lecturers and staffs lead by the Director of INSTED, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Marzuki bin Haji Zainuddin went to Institut Perguruan Perempuan Melayu (IPPM) for a visit with the objective to strengthen the bond between the two institutions and at the same time to discuss current issues regarding IIUM's students who are pursuing their studies there.

From the discussion, issues such as students' activities, reference books, students' welfares and course related matters are being raised by the students who are doing their final year and first year in B.Ed TESL (Pre-Service).

It is our ardent hope that the visit will be held annually in future so that the IIUM's students in Malacca are to be updated with current information and news in IIUM.

INSTED Management Course for Students Leaders

Conducted at The Straits Meridian Hotel, Malacca, the INSTED Management Course for Student Leaders, known as INSTED MCLEAD ran well, dated on the 7th of December until 9th December 2007 recently.

The course is aimed to enhance the leadership skills among the students' representatives of INSTED and to enhance the knowledge about the university rules and procedures in organizing students' programmes. It is also to sharpen the skills among the members of BEDSA committee members in organizing and managing events and functions, within or outside the university aside of giving them the latest information of formats and regulations for programmes management.
The course is also the place where the participants managed to come out with five working papers for the upcoming events that will be held throughout the semester.

Last but not least, the course has also given the opportunity for the participants to get to know each other well, regardless of their courses taken in order to have a 'family working atmosphere' and a good teamwork.

Now, let's let the pictures do the talking...