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4th AGM

here goes the pictures of the 4th AGM for the tenure of 2007/2008...

the audience

the master of ceremony n the minute taker

the line up of previous exco of the tenure

the q n a session

now that we already have the new line up for the tenure of 2008/2009 (which would be announced later in this blog), we do hope that BEDSA will keep on going to be another alternative for the students of INSTED to be in touch with the administration, as well as to have a great bond with each of the BEDSA's members.

keep it up, guys!

as for the members of the previous tenure, thank you so much for all of your efforts and your time spent to ensure that BEDSA is moving towards its objectives and missions. we have nothing to offer all of you as the rewards, as only ALLAH knows how to repay all of you in return...thank you so much.. \(^_^)/